The LDRC monitors attendance by keeping track of days present, days absent, and days late reported late for programming. We are also required to track attendance in each group. The reason for absences or for being late (i.e., medical appointment, no call/no show, no ride, etc.) is also tracked. This information is recorded in a centralized statewide database and is provided in regular progress reports to the sentencing court, prosecuting attorney, probation/parole officer and/or home incarceration officer.

For new clients, weekly schedules are provided when they sign their Individualized Program Components Contract (IPCC) or on the first day of programming. Unless directed otherwise, clients are required to report to the LDRC or off-site programming as specified by their weekly schedule. Clients are to arrive on time and depart from the LDRC as their LDRC schedule indicates. Clients are required to leave the premises, including parking lot, immediately after programming has ended.

The following guidelines apply any time a client may be absent from LDRC programming:

I. Clients are to contact the LDRC anytime they will be absent or late for programming, including off-site programming. If they do not call, they will be considered a “No Call/No Show.”

II. Illness: if the illness will cause a client to miss or be late for LDRC programming, they are required to call the LDRC at least one (1) hour before their scheduled reporting time. If the illness causes them to be unable to attend LDRC programming, verification from their doctor may be required.

III. Emergency: any emergency that would affect a client’s LDRC programming attendance should be reported as soon as possible. LDRC staff will verify the emergency, as appropriate.

Please note that in addition to notifying the LDRC of an absence, clients are also required to contact their probation/parole or home confinement officer of any absence from the LDRC or any change in their LDRC schedule. Clients are personally responsible for calling the LDRC to report an absence. LDRC staff will not accept calls from family members except in emergency cases whereby a client is not able to use a phone. Calls made by family members will be counted as an unexcused absence.